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Breakfast – $20
2 Eggs any style, Bacon or Sausage, Fried Potatoes, and Toast

Pancakes – $15
2 large pancakes with 2 pieces of bacon

Yogurt – $4
Choice of Blueberry, Peach, Black Cherry, or Vanilla (Regular or zero sugar)

Fruit – $2
Apple or Banana

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Soups and Salads

 Salads come with choice of Ranch or Balsamic Vinegar

House Salad – $11 
Lettuce, with tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, American cheese, and banana peppers 

Chicken Salad – $18
Grilled chicken on a bed of lettuce with a choice of tomatoes, onions, and banana peppers

Bowl of Chili – $10

Garden Side Salad – $5
Lettuce with tomato and onion

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8" Sub Sandwiches

Sub Sandwiches come with optional lettuce, tomato, onion, banana peppers, mayo, mustard, oil and vinegar, salt, pepper, and oregano. Add potato chips for $3

Hot Meatball Sandwich – $18
Homestyle Meatballs with Marinara Sauce and Parmesan Cheese

Turkey Sandwich – $15
Turkey and Cheese (American or Provolone)

Ham Sandwich – $15 
Ham and Cheese (American or Provolone)

Italian – $20
Ham, Salami, Pepperoni and Cheese (American or Provolone)

Egg Salad – $15

Chicken Salad – $17

Tuna Salad – $17

Classic Vegetarian – $20
Pepper jack cheese, Swiss cheese, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, oil, vinegar, salt, pepper, oregano, salt and pepper

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From the Grill

8oz. Filet – $60

12 oz. Ribeye – $65

(2) 8oz. Grilled Chicken Breast – $45

All American Western Burger –
1/4lb. burger on an open faced toasted bun with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and onions – $20
1/2lb. burger on an open faced toasted bun with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and onions – $30

Veggie Plate – $25
Carrots, broccoli, celery, bok choy, cabbage, yellow squash, zucchini, peas, bell peppers, and mushrooms

5-Piece Naked Chicken Wings
(Plain, Mild, Medium or Hot)

Grilled Chicken Sandwich – $20
Grilled Chicken on an open faced lightly toasted bun with lettuce and tomato

All American Hotdog – $12
1/4lb. All Beef American Hotdog with cheese and onion. Add chili for $1.50

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Side Items

Side Items – $5

Baked Beans, Mixed Vegetables, Baked Potato, Red Potato Salad, Macaroni Salad, or Pasta Salad

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Dessert – $5

Jumbo Cookie: Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, White Macadamia, or Sugar
Jumbo Brownie

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Bottled Fiji Water – $7
Bottled Soda (Coke products) – $5
Bottled S. Pellegrino – $7
Juice (Apple, Orange, Cranberry) – $5
Coconut Water – $7
Red Bull Energy Drink – $6
Monster Energy Drink – $6

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All food is brought up fresh daily. All orders need to be called in 36hrs in advance by 8am the morning prior to your reservation check in, otherwise, we can not guarantee all menu items will be available. All orders will have an automatic 20% gratuity added to the ticket for the chef preparing your food.